The Cadet Band (1910 - 1928) Rev. Brother Rogation, Principal of De La Salle and founder of the Cadet Corps and Band. The Cadets & Band - May 22, 1912 Sergeant-Major Noble Sergeant-Major Merrill Sergeant-Major O’Leary Ad in the Toronto Star, June 22,1916 Ad in the Toronto Star, June 31916 Empire Champions, 1913 The Regimental Colour of the Irish Regiment was carried by Del in 1965 after the Regiment was disbanded, in memory of the school’s affiliation  with the Regiment in two  World Wars and for the former students who served with the Regiment. De La Salle Bond Street Home of the Band  1915-1931 Brother Rogation with Brother Francis Kelly and the De La Salle Orchestra, 1912. The Band 1925 The fellow on the far right is Percy McGillivray, who would devote more than 20 years to the band as member and instructor. Lasalle Cadet Corps cap badge Toronto Star headline,  August 17, 1926. One of the earliest cases of confusing De La Salle College  with Lasalle Academy (or more specifically - Académie De La Salle.) Band of Cadets Lasalle - c1920  wearing the blue uniforms Del would shortly adopt. Band of Cadets Lasalle - Annual Inspection, March 1953  wearing the more traditional post-war army cadet uniform (Ten years before becoming a Drum & Bugle Corps) The Blue & Gold... De La Salle Home